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MicroStrategy Intelligence Server™

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MicroStrategy Intelligence Server™ Features

Delivers all Styles of BI to any BI Application through a Single, Integrated Platform

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server presents the industry's first and only BI server that allows organizations to build and deploy any type of BI application on a fully integrated BI platform. Since all applications based on MicroStrategy Intelligence Server share a common metadata and common services, organizations can start with single departmental deployments, and as they add more applications, can seamlessly link and reuse all other reports and analyses. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server is also designed to be a completely open platform, running on multiple operating systems as well as having a comprehensive set of APIs, allowing enterprises to easily standardize on one architecture for all their business intelligence needs. All business users obtain sophisticated scorecards and dashboards, operational reports, queries and OLAP and predictive analyses when they need them and where they need them, without having to learn any programming or database syntax.

Ultra-high Performance for 10's or 1,000,000's of Users

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server efficiently scales from a few users to millions of users, delivering high-performance querying, reporting and analysis. Next-generation caching, security, and clustering features allow all users, internal and external to the enterprise, to access an analytic application securely without a loss in performance.

Next-generation ROLAP Engine Provides Fast, Seamless Access to Petabytes of Data, with Optimizations for All Leading Database Vendors

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server scales to the size of the database required for an analytic application. Using its next-generation ROLAP engine, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server generates highly optimized database-specific SQL, pushing complex calculations and analytical functions down to the database. Moreover, MicroStrategy provides Very Large Database (VLDB) drivers which automatically tune the SQL to leverage the unique strengths of each database. These drivers can be customized for specific deployments, providing further performance gains.

Complete Internationalization Support for BI Applications

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides full support and flexibility for international BI deployments. By leveraging a centralized BI metadata, organizations can take a single application and deploy it in many languages. This ensures that employees and customers all over the world can always access essential business information in their own language. Business users can view MicroStrategy interfaces, as well as their own reports, metrics, attributes, and data in their own language, enabling more convenient and collaborative analysis across the enterprise. This seamless support for global operations also helps IT departments realize considerable savings in development and maintenance costs.

Pervasive Security Protects Valuable Data Assets and Offers Maximum Controls over User Access and Functionality

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server exceeds the strictest security requirements, employing a centrally-managed, flexible, and iron-clad security architecture. This architecture protects data to the cell level, controls individual user functionality and safeguards BI application access, thereby minimizing deployment and administrative expenses.

Flexible Administration Model Enables Distributed Administration and Task Delegation

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides flexible administration models that easily accommodate the needs of any organization. From centralized to distributed models, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server is easily administered manually through web and desktop- based graphical interfaces, or automatically through a command line interface, and even through easy integration with third-party systems management software.

Change Auditing and Monitoring Capabilities Facilitate Compliance and IT Governance

Business Intelligence is increasingly leveraged as a key competitive differentiator. Therefore, information has become one of the most valuable assets of any organization. Moreover, stringent regulations require companies to carefully manage their information to maintain compliance. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides comprehensive tools and controls to facilitate compliance as well as monitor, store, and secure valuable information. These capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive change auditing and monitoring
  • Report storage through database-based history lists
  • AES encryption for network traffic, cache files, and passwords
  • Single sign-on and LDAP integration

Industrial-strength, 24 X 7 Reliability with Out-of-the-box Failover Support and Load Balancing

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server can be clustered to provide 100% uptime, complete fault tolerance, and failover, which helps maximize the availability of analytic applications. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server automatically tunes itself as the usage profile changes to ensure the highest level of performance at all times.

Compiled 32- or 64-bit Architecture with Common Code Base for Many Operating Systems

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides an industry first — a single code base architecture compiled to both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. This single code base ensures that the latest functionality is always available on all these systems at the same time. Organizations can combine MicroStrategy's industry-leading scalability with the advantages of 64-bit operating systems to deploy the richest BI applications, with the highest performance, the largest data volumes, and the most users — all on the fewest servers. Additionally, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server's completely open architecture is built on industry standards to seamlessly integrate into any existing IT framework, including Windows®, high-end UNIX®, and Linux® servers.